The following are the most frequently asked questions and their answers

This section contains many of the questions frequently asked especially by those who have never used a car service with a driver. We are confident that this collection of questions will help clarify many of your doubts, as well as providing insights, technical and otherwise, about the services, tour proposals and transfers that we have briefly shown on the site, and many other topics related to our business. We are happy to provide more information and answer all those questions that this section has not answered.

1. Is it true that a car rental service with driver can be cost-effective?

Yes, especially when you are in a group and must move together. In fact, when you are in a group and have to reach a trade show or a place outside the city, you are forced to take a whole series of different types of public transport incurring costs for every single person, all in an increasingly chaotic, tiring setting where the timing and schedules can be uncertain. Choosing a rental service with driver allows you instead to be taken directly from the place of your choice and driven in maximum comfort and with the utmost punctuality, directly to your destination at a fixed cost, regardless of the number of people.

Yes. The driver will be waiting for the return trip. In cases where, from the start to the return trip, more than 9 hours are required, there will be an additional cost based on the hours in excess of 9 and in any case will be agreed on with the customer.

The service, from the time of departure to the end of the return trip, provides a maximum of 9 hours. For anything in addition to these hours, there will be an extra fee, usually on an hourly basis, to be agreed on with the customer depending on their needs. On request and compatibly with the other services already planned, the driver can be asked to stay overnight in the place requested by the customer.

Yes, both dogs and cats are permitted as long as they are small and equipped with muzzle and leash and cats transported in their special carrying cages.

Yes. We can pick you up and take you anywhere, according to your requests.

We accept payment in cash, by bank transfer or the PayPal payment system.

Yes. We generally require payment of a 20% deposit.

Yes, if they fit into the vehicle. We ask you to make this request when you ask us about our services and during the booking process. This way we can provide you with the most suitable means of transport for your needs.

No. No smoking, eating or drinking are permitted during the trip. Obviously the driver, at your request, will make all stops you need.

Yes. Some of our cars are equipped with a video system with DVD player and a selection of movies. In addition, if you wish, you can bring and view your own DVDs.

Yes. We have USB port to provide power for or recharge electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, cameras etc…